Red Hill Trail repair

The vehicle track between the Mugga Way car park and Brereton Street will be repaired between December 2016 and January 2017. The purpose of the repair is to ensure that bushfire access is maintained. See map here…


Multitasking on Red Hill


For our final activity on Red Hill for 2016, a determined dozen hard core Regenerators spent two hours of a hot, humid Sunday morning batting away bush flies with one hand, wiping sweat from the eyes with the other, while simultaneously removing a wide range of weeds, including blackberries, briar rose, privet, cotoneasta, pyracantha, thistles, verbascum, tree of heaven, nettle tree, cootamundra wattles and probably a few more, from the hillside above Curlewis Street. (more…)

Request to protect Golf Club land in Red Hill Reserve

On 10 August 2016, the Red Hill Regenerators President wrote to Ms Dorte Eklund, Director General, Environment & Planning Directorate, ACT Government, to repeat a periodic request to formally incorporate 12ha of Yellow Box Red Gum Grassy Woodland, currently part of the Federal Golf Club lease, but indistinguishable and unseparated from the Red Hill Nature Reserve, into the Reserve, to provide it with formal environmental protection. On 17 October 2016 Ms Eklund replied that this request could be progressed through the establishment of a Community Panel, to be set up by the Directorate in consultation with the Federal Golf Club.

Red Hill Working Bee and AGM Sunday 4 December 2016

The Red Hill Regenerators invite you to our AGM and last working bee of 2016 on Sunday 4 December 2016

Since our last working bee the St John’s Wort has exploded across Red Hill in a blaze of yellow. We have been advised that some contractor spraying is scheduled, but from the photo below, it looks like a mammoth task.  The good news is that the verbascum outbreaks are much less than last year, and could be a result of our concentrated efforts on rosette spraying and flower beheading.


This month we will move over to the ‘shadier’ west side of the hill where there is a good supply of woody weeds, some thistles and verbascum to work on.

We will work until 11am morning tea when we will hold our AGM.  Visit our website at to view the Committee and volunteer positions available to any member who nominates to the Secretary before the meeting. At that page you will also find the AGM Agenda, Draft 2015 AGM Minutes, President’s and Treasurers reports. (more…)

Informative Red Hill Wildflower Walk

Notes from the Wildflower Walk, including a list of plants observed.

The annual wildflower walk was held on Red Hill on a hot and humid Sunday 20 November 2016. Over 30 Friends of Red Hill spent a fascinating two hours with Dr Michael Mulvaney in the area of Red Hill currently included in the Federal Golf Club lease, hearing about the history, ecology and critical importance of returning this magnificent Yellow Box Red Gum Grassy Woodland to the Red Hill Nature Reserve.

Wildflower walk 1    Wildflower walk 2


Historic planting in flower

One of the historic red flowering plants, which were planted to a Walter Burley Griffin plan on Red Hill by Charles Weston in around 1920, is in full bloom and looking very healthy. It can be viewed by walking about 30m up the track from the Red Hill lookout towards the Optus mobile phone tower. Look under a small acacia bush on the right side of the track.

Swainsona galegifolia (Darling Pea)

Swainsona galegifolia (Darling Pea)

Gyphosate unlikely to be carcinogen

A recent review of the carcinogenic potential of glyphosate (Roundup) by four independent expert panels concludes that glyphosate is ‘unlikely to pose a carcinogenic risk to humans’. More…

Prescribed burns on Red Hill

One prescribed burn is planned to be conducted on Red Hill during Autumn 2017. It will cover about 6.4ha and is described as “Undertake prescribed burn on Red Hill Nature Reserve to reduce the fuel hazard to assist in minimising fire spread”.  For more information on the Parks & Conservation prescribed burns program visit here…

Kookaburras busy raising young on Red Hill

This Red Gum has perfect nesting hollows for a pair of Laughing Kookaburras (Dacelo novaeguineae) and their young.

Kookaburra with a tasty lizard for her young

Kookaburra with a tasty lizard for her young

IMG_4621     IMG_4639



Red Hill Wildflower Walk Sunday 20 November 2016

We are fortunate indeed that Dr Michael Mulvaney will be available to conduct our annual wildflower walk on Red Hill. The flora should be exceptional because of the rain earlier this year, so we may find a greater variety and more unusual species.
Everyone is invited!
The details:
Date:  Sunday 20 November 2016, from 10am to midday
Location: Meet at the reserve boundary fence above Glasgow Street, Hughes
Parking: Park on Glasgow Street and follow the laneway between Now 57 and 59 Glasgow Street
Bring: Enclosed footwear, hat, sunscreen, water and a camera
A gold coin donation will be collected to contribute to the continuing work of the Red Hill Regenerators.
Bulbine Lillies

    Bulbine Lillies

Welcome to ACT Red Hill Regenerators

You are welcome to join our monthly activities. We carry out bush regeneration work within the Red Hill Nature Reserve on the 1st Sunday of each month, from 9am to 12:30, except for January. By joining the Group, you will automatically be advised of any Group activities and their locations. You will also be supporting the preservation and conservation of a vital ecosystem and recreational resource

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