Climate change forum – Thursday 25 February 2016

Climate change forum: what Canberra can do next

What: Join the Conservation Council for expert speakers, Q&A and share lunch as we tackle climate change. Professor Will Steffen will update us on the state of the climate and what the UN climate agreement means. We’ll hear from an ACT Environment & Planning Directorate speaker about options for preparing Canberra for climate change impacts, with the draft climate change adaptation strategy that will be open to public comment soon. And we’ll discuss Canberra’s recent success reducing our emissions, and how we can reach zero emissions sooner than we think, building a city we are proud to live in as we do it.
When: 12 – 2pm, Thursday 25 February (lunch is provided and donations welcome)
Registration: Register now

Reverse the ACT Government weeds funding cut

Take action on weeds: write to the Ministers now

Conservation Council Weeds Officer Geoff Butler has provided some dot points for nature-focussed member groups who want to write letters to the Government about weeds. We need realistic recurrent annual budget allocation for the management of weeds in the ACT and Budget considerations are nearing completion. (more…)

Heritage walk on Red Hill 17 April 2016

Conservation Council ACT Region is once again showcasing the natural treasures of the ACT Region at the Canberra Heritage Festival. This year’s theme is “Discovery” and our events explore some of the lesser known and newest reserves in the ACT as well as new aspects of some old favourites.

Red Hill Heritage Walk, 17 April 10:00am, Red Hill Nature ReserveBrush up on the history of this intriguing reserve while its future is being decided.

For more information, or to book a place, call the Conservation Council on  6229 3200 or email

Regenerators working bee: Sunday 7 February 2016

The Red Hill Regenerators invite you to our first working bee of 2016 on Sunday 7 February 2016

Welcome back to Red Hill and its many weeds.  This month we need to water the plantings which are close to the two water cubes located on the ridge south of Davidsons Trig. Other activities include woody weeds and verbascum, so there are plenty of alternatives. (more…)

Photographic guide to native plants of the ACT

Canberra Times 25 January 2016

By Meredith Cosgrove
Meadow Argus, $45

Here in the ACT we are remarkably, perhaps unreasonably, blessed with quality field guides to what is, after all, a small part of the world. We are also blessed with a remarkable diversity of native plants, from the high Snow Gums to the wet ferny mountain gullies to the flowery dry forests of the Canberra hills to the grassy woodlands. There have been several plants guides (including, I should acknowledge, a couple of my own efforts), but until now however there has been no comprehensive guide with both text and illustrations to cover the whole territory. I am delighted to inform you that the hiatus is now ended and we need take only one book with us on any walk in the bush. I’ll probably even leave my own titles behind! (more…)

Regenerators meet with Federal Golf Club developers

Members of the Red Hill Regenerators executive met on Friday 22 January 2016 with representatives of the Federal Golf Club and developers MBark, to listen to their latest ideas for developing part of the golf course. An follow up email was sent on Thursday 28 January 2016, to those representatives of MBark and the FGC who attended this meeting. The purpose of this email was to provide details of the Regenerators concerns regarding development on the golf course lease. It should be noted that, at this stage, no specific details regarding a development have been provided.

The email dated 28 January 2016 stated the following: (more…)

Inquiry into elements impacting on the future of the ACT Clubs sector

The ACT Legislative Assembly has published the report of the ACT Government’s response to the Public Accounts Committee’s report which enquired into elements impacting on the future of the ACT Clubs Sector. A number of these responses have relevance to the Federal Golf Club’s 2015 proposal to develop part of its lease for housing. More…


Red Hill 2016 Working Bee dates

Welcome back for 2016! Here are our provisional working bee dates for 2016 for your diary. They will as usual be confirmed before the day by email, website and twitter.
Sunday 7 February 2016
Sunday 6 March 2016
Sunday 3 April 2016
Sunday 1 May 2016
Sunday 5 June 2016
Sunday 3 July 2016
Sunday 7 August 2016
Sunday 4 September 2016
Sunday 2 October 2016
Sunday 6 November 2016
Sunday 4 December 2016 (AGM)

Federal Golf Club lease boundary and access road

This Territory Plan map shows the boundaries of the Federal Golf Club concessional lease, with the access road to the lease being clearly shown as part of the Red Hill Nature Reserve.

The access road to the Federal Golf Club lease  is shown in ACTMapi as a separate block   The FGC lease confirms this by referring only to the non-road space as S56, and a confirming associated map.

Repairs planned for Red Track

The Parks and Conservation Service plan to undertake repairs to the section of Red Track containing steps, between the base fire trail and the Tardis/Lookout.

The work will include backfilling and compacting any steps that have subsided/ eroded, repairing any erosion on the trail bed and sourcing and placing woody debris (logs) where trail braiding has occurred. It has been specified that minimal access is allowed and no dragging of logs, they must be lifted and ‘placed’ in situ to avoid damaging the nearby vegetation. No natural logs are to be relocated for this purpose as there is a woody debris pile that can be utilised on Kent St, Deakin. All due care is to be taken to avoid disturbance to the local vegetation and environment.

The contractor will be Makin Trax (they did the upgrade) so they are aware of the sensitivities of the site. Work is planned to be undertaken during February 2016 and should only take a week or so at most.


Welcome to ACT Red Hill Regenerators

You are welcome to join our monthly activities. We carry out bush regeneration work within the Red Hill Nature Reserve on the 1st Sunday of each month, from 9am to 12:30, except for January. By joining the Group, you will automatically be advised of any Group activities and their locations. You will also be supporting the preservation and conservation of a vital ecosystem and recreational resource

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